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Why I Read | Sharing My Favorite Stories

The Why I Read series is a collection of glorious essays written by mothers who share why they love to read with their children. If you love to read to your children and have a story to share, contact me for a chance to be featured.

Why I Read | Sharing My Favorite Stories by Julie S. 

My Grandma taught me to read when I was very young. She tells me I was a bookworm at four years of age, and I continue to love books now. Before becoming a Mom, I used to read myself to sleep (or sometimes keep reading past my bedtime if a story pulled me in). I find reading a wonderful way to escape the world and to relax, but also to get excited and travel to amazing universes. I love to read on my commute (audiobooks have saved my sanity) and sometimes I even still get to read before bed.

I want to share this love of stories with my son, so I read to him. I want him to appreciate the beauty of meeting a new character and letting his imagination fill in the gaps. Most importantly, I want us to do something together that I am so passionate about. I read to him in his baby stage to start our hobby early. I let him pretend to read to me now before he goes to bed (since he won’t let me hold the books anymore) because we are interacting and playing a game together that we both enjoy. I will continue to read to him as he grows because I want us to keep our bond over imagined worlds and people.

Julie is a new mom and military spouse who works full time and blogs, all while
wishing she had more time to read fun books. She write about being a working mom in order to help herself and other working moms in the journey to find a balance between family, responsibilities, and hobbies so they can thrive both at home and at work. She can be found blogging at Fab Working Mom Life and Chapter Break, and on social media: Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram

Why I Read | Sharing My Favorite Stories

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